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  • Hello, everyone! Joey here.
    Posted by W. Scott Hill April 25

    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on something. You’ll notice there has been a change of the site background to a more generic sexy look, versus a book-specific sexy look (aka those wonderful book-related skins Kat does for us when we’re close to release time!). With my husband working part-time for me for the moment, and knowing that Jaime, Sandy and Kat run the site while juggling work, family and other real life chaos, it seemed a great time to have him pitch in and start sharing some of the maintenance and tech support responsibility. Since we’re between book releases and it’s a good time for a skin change out, we figured this was an excellent time for him to get up to speed. If you have any problems/issues with the new skin, just message him on the forum at wshill (shows up as W. Scott Hill) or you can shoot him a direct email  at firstminion@storywitch.com (yes, that name was his choice – he’s a Despicable Me fan!). With respect to other tech support issues, you’re also welcome to contact him, the same way you might contact Kat, Sandy or Jaime. The main thing is we wanted you to know there are four people available to answer tech questions at this point.  Thanks as always, and back to enjoying the forum!