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  • Welcome!
    Posted by Sandy June 21

    Welcome to the Joey W. Hill Fan Connection!  You are going to love it here!! 


    We have a few things going on for the month of June:


     **MEMBER HOSTED CONTESTS: MTBC has volunteered to host a contest for the last few weeks in June.  Please stop by and checkout the awesome contest she has setup for everyone.  Thank you MTBC!!!!  (Located in Forum, Mina's Coral Sanctuary, Running Contest)


    VAMPIRE QUEEN SERIES BOOKS $3.99 SALE! Six of the Vampire Queen series are on sale for $3.99 (ebooks) for the next 6-8 weeks – Vampire’s Claim, Beloved Vampire, Vampire Mistress, Vampire Trinity, Vampire Instinct and Bound by the Vampire Queen. All can be read as standalones in the series, with the exception of Vampire Trinity (which only requires reading Vampire Mistress beforehand) and Bound by the Vampire Queen (Books 1  & 2 of the series are recommended reading first). You can find all buy links on the series page, http://www.storywitch.com/series-vqs.


    NEW CONTEST: We are having a new contest & giveaway platform, in addition to our forum monthly contest. Whoever is interested in hosting a contest &/or giveaway, please feel free to reach out to the Admin staff (MOB: Sandy, Jaime or Kat) and we will coordinate behind the scenes.


    SUNDAY NIGHT CHATS are back baby!! We’ve resurrected our Sunday Night Chats on June 7th at 8 PM Eastern.  We had a wonderful turnout, great conversations and good laughs. If you weren’t able to stop by last week, come check us out this coming Sunday night, June 14th at 8 PM Eastern.
An additional word on Sunday night chats: NO agenda + NO specific topic of conversation = NO pressure! In the past members have stopped by to chat with whatever is on their minds or just to say hello. You never know who might stop by and surprise us. At times we’ve had a special guest or two grace us with their presence. This is a very informal chat, stop by and get to know your fellow forum members.  You are guaranteed to have a few good laughs and make new friends.


    JOEY'S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Joey recently announced the majority of her newsletter list (with exception of recent subscribers/verifiable hits) will be unsubscribed and sent a invitation to subscribe, to resolve ongoing problems with receipt of the newsletter. She apologizes for the inconvenience but hopes that will resolve the glitches once and for all. So if you receive an invitation and want to stay on the newsletter list, be sure to confirm! For more detailed info on this, go to the Forum menu item Newsletters (about the fifth item down from the top) and check the thread Joey's Monthly Newsletter. Here's the link to her latest newsletter:



    JOEY'S CURRENT UPCOMING APPEARANCES (Located in Forum, Welcome Center, Tyler’s Dungeon):
- Check out an up-to-date posting of Joey’s online and in person appearances. Stop by and show your love and support.