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  • Microsoft E-mail Users
    Posted by Scott November 20

    We are aware of an issue with users who have e-mail addresses with,,, and Microsoft is the e-mail provider for these addresses and their servers are currently blocking e-mails from the forum. This includes verification e-mails for new members and notification e-mails for existing members. We're working with our ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get this resolved as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Welcome!
    Posted by Sandy November 2

    Here are a few highlights of things happening here in November:


    BOOK CLUB CHAT NIGHT - DECEMBER 5, 8-10PM ET - Come join us for an evening of discussing Night's Templar with Joey and whatever other subjects or questions you have for her. She's all yours for two hours!


    JOEY'S UPCOMING RELEASES - Night's Templar, Book XIII of Vampire Queen series is out! Buy links at Naughty Wishes, a four-novella ebook serial, starts January 2016. Pre-order links here:


    TECH SUPPORT ISSUES - If you have tech problems on the site, please post them under the Tech Support thread at the bottom of the main Forum menu. You can also private message Scott, or shoot him an email at He'll be happy to help! 


    NEW READER CONTEST!! The November Contest has ended. Thank you Jaycee for being so kind and hosting. Head over to the Forum, Running Contest section and check it out all the current and past action.


    CONTEST: We have a new contest & giveaway platform, in addition to our forum monthly contest. Whoever is interested in hosting a contest &/or giveaway, please feel free to reach out to the Admin staff (MOB: Sandy, Jaime or Kat) and we will coordinate behind the scenes.


    SUNDAY NIGHT CHATS are back baby!! 8 PM Eastern.  NO agenda + NO specific topic of conversation = NO pressure! In the past members have stopped by to chat with whatever is on their minds or just to say hello. You never know who might stop by and surprise us. At times we’ve had a special guest or two grace us with their presence. This is a very informal chat, stop by and get to know your fellow forum members.  You are guaranteed to have a few good laughs and make new friends. 


    JOEY'S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER:  Want to check out the news in Joey's latest newsletter? Click on this link here -


    JOEY'S CURRENT UPCOMING APPEARANCES: all current appearance links are located in Forum, Welcome Center, Tyler’s Dungeon, Joey's Online Appearances Thread, top post!

  • Monthly Giveaways!
    Posted by The M.O.B. October 4

     photo AADBagContestFinal_zps7y5ferbd.jpg