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  • Welcome!
    Posted by Sandy November 2, 2015

    STANDING UPDATES: Here are a few highlights of things happening here:


    WHERE ARE THE VIGNETTES? A lot of people first join the forum looking for the Vignettes revisiting Joey's characters. To find them, log on, then click the Forum menu item under the big JWH Connection header. That takes you from this Home page to the Forum main menu. Scroll down about 16 items until you see Vignettes. Click on that, and you should see the list of available free novellas and shorts, in all the popular download formats!


    JOEY'S UPCOMING RELEASE - Medusa's Heart will be coming out October 31! Chapter One excerpt available under our Excerpts section, and a Chapter Two fan forum exclusive will be arriving around the beginning of October. For more info about the book and to enter an awesome giveaway, visit the Countdown page on Joey's site at http://storywitch.com/event-mh.


    QUESTIONS OR TECH SUPPORT ISSUES - If you have tech problems on the site or questions about how the forum works, please post them under the Tech or Administrative Support threads, respectively, at the bottom of the main Forum menu.  


    CONTESTS - Head over to the Forum, Running Contest section and check out all the current action. Also, if you're interested in hosting a contest &/or giveaway, please feel free to reach out to the Admin staff (Sandy or Jaime) and we will coordinate behind the scenes.


    JOEY'S MONTHLY NEWSLETTER:  Want to check out the news in Joey's latest newsletter? Click on this link here - http://storywitch.com/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/archive/storywitchnews/newest/


    JOEY'S CURRENT UPCOMING APPEARANCES: all current appearance links are located in Forum, Welcome Center, Tyler’s Dungeon, Joey's Online Appearances Thread, top post!